Marketing … “The science and art of delivering value to satisfy a target market, at a profit.”

After exploring your business and its audience, our experienced marketing team provides targeted advice built on sound strategy, and helps you implement this strategy effectively across relevant channels.

We can improve your website conversion, help you launch a product, enter a new market, expand your customer base or communicate better with your current audience.

How marketing can help your organisation

  • Strategic planning – We consult in depth and create a SMARTER marketing plan to achieve optimal results. More
  • Brand review – We analyse your brand and how you are presenting yourself to the marketplace. More
  • Digital marketing – We develop campaigns and deliver creative across digital channels to get results. More
  • Social media – We strategise and deliver content across relevant social channels in line with your goals. More
  • Website optimisation – We build new sites or improve your online presence to optimise conversion. More
  • Email marketing – We build email lists to engage, communicate and help grow your audience. More
  • Print and radio ads – We develop creative and work with traditional media where appropriate. More
  • Graphic design – We make sure your visuals and creative are consistent with your messaging. More

Scroll down to find out more about the ways we help create irresistible marketing experiences that connect with people personally and create the desire to share with others. From the first impression to the last touch point and everything in-between, we can help.

publik strategic planning

Strategic planning

We craft goals into clear plans, helping you achieve better marketing outcomes.

Having a unified plan is essential for optimal results for your brand and budget.

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publik brand management

Brand management

A brand is the totality of a customer’s experience. Everything you say and do is crucial to how others regard you.

Brand management is the process of maintaining, improving and building a brand so that the perception of your brand, in the eyes of the market, is in line with the goals of your business. Effective brand management and positioning can result in sales growth and better financial performance.

We can review your brand and recommend strategic improvements to ensure your marketing and communication efforts are correctly aligned and will yield the best possible results.

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publik digital marketing

Digital marketing

It is no longer about just being online. It’s about how you are online. Figures show 97% of internet users look online before making a significant purchase.

Our team includes digital marketing specialists who can strategise, design, manage and optimise your digital campaigns to generate you more leads, build your marketing lists and make more sales. Together we analyse your business to identify specific digital opportunities alongside your overall marketing strategy.

This is a complex and fast-moving area, and our team of experts can help you understand how to best maximise your online investment.

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publik social media

Social media

Nearly 90% of Kiwis aged 15+ use social media.

Social media is an important part of brand building, reputation management, lead generation and customer communication. It is constantly changing the way we use the internet, and staying on top of this is a full-time job.

We work with Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter daily alongside other channels, using the advertising technologies on these platforms to deliver cost effective and measurable results.

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publik website development and management

Website development and management

The experience of every user on your website can have a significant impact on your bottom line and brand perception.

The experience of every user on your website can have a significant impact on your bottom line and brand perception.

There are many ways to boost visitors to your website, but it’s what they do there that is critical. We understand analytics, SEO, and the science behind website user behaviour and experience, and can help you optimise your site to reach your business goals, or build a new site from scratch if need be.

From e-commerce websites to simple brochure sites, our in-house team and connections with expert web developers and designers can work across multiple content platforms to ensure we deliver a targeted and effective site that is optimised for conversion.

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publik email marketing and list building

Email marketing and list building

The unfortunate truth for almost every website is that most visitors will come and go, never to return.

One of the advantages of building an online presence is the ability to capture many of these visits, and build a list of qualified prospects you can keep talking to. Email marketing provides the highest return on investment of any marketing dollar spent, so this can be a very effective marketing strategy if done well.

We can help you manage regular email communication, or compile automated mailouts that you set and forget. Our team of expert writers can handle content creation for you as well.

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publik print and radio advertising

Print and radio advertising

Print media, radio, TV, brochures, direct mail, outdoor media and so on…

We are experienced in the design and delivery of traditional marketing collateral such as brochures, print advertising, billboards and radio commercials; however, you can expect to enjoy better than traditional results.

Our understanding of strategic brand associations, reach, platform and audience, combined with our integrated marketing planning approach helps to ensure maximum impact for minimum investment.

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publik graphic design

Graphic design

A picture is worth 60,000 words. Literally.

A picture is worth 60,000 words. Literally. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text, so great design and visual communication is a vitally important part of the conversation, both on and off-line.

Our in-house designers are tertiary qualified and broadly experienced, and we draw on other designers for their specific talents when required. Our understanding of consumer behaviour and brand management coupled with these talents, ensures we can achieve maximum impact for your brand through design.

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